October 23, 2020

History OnPoint Season 1!

Welcome to History OnPoint Season 1! Although there are many Historical topics from which one can compile material to create a video, I chose to direct my efforts and focus on an area that has been neglected by many for whatever reasons. The area I am referring to is the Lower Rio Grande Valley, which consists of 3 counties, containing a number of cities, and is populated mainly by Hispanics.

The Past Shapes the Present

Season 1 will consist of many titles of events that are not widely known but yet are important because the area is rich with history not often spoken about, partly because such history is mired in violence. and controversy. 

The study of History requires investigation, imagination, empathy and respect. reverence just doesn’t enter into it.
Jill Lepore- , Professor of American History at Harvard University

However controversial the topics are it is the search for truth that is important. As such, the content of my video topics of Season 1 will reexamine the Texas Rangers, border lynching of Mexican-Americans, Spanish land grants, etc. 

History never repeats itself. man always does.


Essentially, Season 1 is all about events that transpired in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, otherwise known as the Magic Valley or simply the Valley by the locals.  Moreover, please don’t forget to tell your friends about this channel, especially if they are History aficionados.

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