About Me

The Past Shapes the Present

Rene Hinojosa

Content Creator

History is my passion. For a long time I have been very interested in our past, and as such I find myself constantly researching certain events that seem to get a passing mention in the History books.

That being said, the most important part about History is to analyze and scrutinize the stories and how they relate to our overall understanding. There’s more to History besides memorizing dates of events, and in my videos I will make an effort to connect the stories on the historical timeline as painless as possible.

Essentially, the viewers can expect an analysis and sociological impact of the contents of my videos. I welcome discussion and from time to time I will try to post a reply in the comments section.
Moreover, I will plan on releasing videos on a timely basis, each video will focus on a different topic and they will be of varying lengths as well.
I hope that you, the audience, will enjoy the content and the discussions of each video. 

Until then!

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