Filibustering in Mexico, Part 2: Jose Maria J. Carvajal

The second installment video upload on the saga of Jose Maria J. Carvajal will be uploaded in a few weeks.

In Part 1, we learned that the internal politics of Mexico had continued to well over several Presidential elections, which created certain conditions that left the the northern bordered unprotected from both Indian raids and filibusters like Carvajal. In part of the final episode, we examine Carvajal’s disposition to filibuster as he did, and chronicle the military actions under his command.

Additionally, the US had entered in a political arrangement with Mexico to purchase additional territory during this time.

The Politics in the United States: 1848-1860

The issue of neutrality laws were on the table when talks to finalize the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was set on may 1848 in Queretaro, Mexico.

Nicholas P. Trist was the person responsible in formulating the treaty and Mexicans assumed that the US would live up to the obligations. Mainly, to enforce the neutrality laws that were agreed upon

“Stories of the precious mountains of Sonora, the gold nuggets of the Gila, and the silver bullets of the Apaches, so current on the Mexican border, found ready acceptance among this class of fortune-hunters, who dreamed only of sudden and easy acquisitions.”
Hubert Howe Bancroft – American historian and ethnologist

Unfortunately, for the Mexicans, the laws were sketchy because it did not prevent anyone from stockpiling arms and ammunition. As long as they were not to be used against a country in which the US had entered into a peace agreement with, anyone could but weapons in bulk quantity.

Knowing that the US would not interfere in his quest for filibustering into Mexico, Carvajal, would be seen around Texas seeking volunteers anywhere he could find an audience. Many of these volunteers were ex Texas Rangers, including John “RIP” Ford, who would serve as second-in-command under Carvajal’s forces.

Also, we chronicle Carvajals’ activities as we sift thru various newspaper accounts where the battles occurred and the results thereafter.

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  • 0.26 The Politics in the US 1848-1860
  • 0.56 Series of US Presidents that shape policy towards Mexico
  • 2:45 Filibusterer Jose Maria J. Carvajal
  • 3:00 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • 4:29 How did carvajal get mixed up into Filibustering?
  • 5:20 Carvajal invades Camargo,Mexico
  • 7:05 Carvajal invades Matamoros, Mexico
  • 9:00 Carvajal attacks Cerralvo, Mexico
  • 10:13 Carvajal invades Camargo, Mexico again
  • 11:14 Carvajal is arrested by LT. John Gibbons
  • 11:59 Carvajal invades and sacks Reynosa, Mexico
  • 12:25 Carvajal is arrested a 2nd time
  • 14:23 The Carvajal story is compelling for a number of reasons

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